Payroll Loan Simulation

Advantages of the Payroll Loan

Many people get in the way of paycheck credit . The first thing we need to understand is payroll deductible credit and what this complicated name means. It is a joint loan with the bank. But it has a difference. All debt installments are discounted directly from your salary. Why does it happen? Why there is an agreement with the bank . With this he has some advantages that we need to know. The first one I’ve already mentioned, is that you’re going to have to be aware that it will be discounted in foil without you having to worry about the payment. The second is that because it is a safer option for the bank it may have lower rates and be a cheaper option for you. Another important reason to acquire a loan is when an unexpected expense happens. For example, when you have to have surgery. In this case payday loan can be an interesting option. 
So in summary what you need to know is that knowing how to use payday loan can be a good option. The interest rates are lower and may be a cheaper loan. It helps cover unexpected expense.

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Payroll loan

Payroll Loan 

Take advantage of VMACRED Special Interest Rates in June. If you are a Public Servant, VMACRED offers a unique credit to organize your financial life with security and practicality.

We work with financial solutions such as debt refinancing, Credit Portability, and Payroll Loans . The amounts are credited to the current account and the installments are debited from the payroll.

We work with:

Servants and Pensioners of the Public Prosecutor’s Office 
* Servers and Pensioners of the Chamber of Deputies, Federal Senate and Courts 
* Pensioners and Pensioners of INSS 
* Federal Server and GDF (Military Policy, Civil Police and Firefighters) 
* Military of the Armed Forces 
* Account Debit 
* Payroll loans

More convenience: payment is made through the payroll, without having to worry about the due dates. Credit lines with more attractive rates 
Longer terms: up to 96 months (according to agreement)

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